Fast internet setting for Airtel and Idea

Airtel Idea and Vodafone are providing new APN setting to get super fast speed

airtel idea vodafone new apn setting

As we know that in our India internet 4g speed is decreasing day by day It is because, for a particular area, no. of users are more than Towers, and we are getting adjusted with these low speeds internet because we can't do anything for this, But we are providing a simple solution for this slow internet so please try it and also share this with your friend and relatives.

For this you have to create a new APN setting first:

Go to mobile setting
Next go to sim-card & mobile networks
Click on Jio sim and open it
tap on access point names
Click on Add APN below

You will get an APN form to fill

 fill the form as filled below, and remember to fill as it is given(letters are used in capital and small alphabets)

  1. Name-  v38 Pro 4G
  2. APN-   Net
  3. Proxy- not set
  4. Port-    not set
  5. Username- 4Gpro
  6. Password- not set
  7. Server-
  8. MMSC proxy-  not set
  9. MMS port-  not set
  10. MCC-     leave it as it is
  11. MNC-     leave it as it is
  12. Authentication type-   PAP
  13. APN type-  leave it as it is
  14. APN protocol-  IPV4/IPV6
  15. APN roaming protocol-  IPV4/IPV6
  16. Bearer-  uncheck unspecified and tap to LTE, HSDPA, IS95B and if the phone doesn't support multiple check than tap on LTE only
  17. MVNO type- not set
  18. MVNO value- not set
  19. and Now Save the APN

Now tap on v38 Pro 4G and it will get selected

Enjoy the super-fast speed of Internet

You can check speed by speed test by Ookla app.

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