How to disinfect your Gadgets from coronavirus?

Keeping Your Phone and laptop Clean, And Safe, Coronavirus can stay alive for 9 days on your Mobile.

How to disinfect your Gadgets from coronavirus?

The risk of Corona Virus is increasing, and if we just talk about India, so far more than 70 people infected from COVID-19 have been revealed. To avoid this, we are also following the necessary procedure. Such as washing hands repeatedly, using sanitizer, not shaking hands with people, etc.

But there is a point, which we have been missing continuously till now and that is that most people do not clean or disinfect electronic items such as mobiles, laptops and tablets every day. Coronavirus can reach you through your mobile phone and laptop and can infect you.

Exports say that, if your mobile is touched by a COVID-19 infected person, then your phone can also be infected by it. The coronavirus can remain on the mobile phone screen for up to 48 hours. If the back panel is plastic, it can stay alive for 9 days. At the same time, if the back panel is of metal, then the coronavirus can remain alive for 12 hours and you may be infected.

In such a situation, it becomes very important to disinfect your mobile and other electronic items. For this, you don't have clean your phone and laptop in water, but you have to make sure that how to clean your electronic items, which material should be used and should not to be used, and this becomes a very important question here.

This is how you disinfect your electronic items.

First of all, know about some liquid or material that should not be used to clean your electronic items like your phone and laptop. Those are the things we use without thinking, but using them can spoil our gadgets, so don't use, window cleaners and kitchen cleaners to clean electronic items, which means the liquid cleaner or detergent you use in your kitchen use to clean the surface, you should not use them on your gadgets. Some of these liquids, such as window sprays, may seem very harmless to you, but they can spoil your gadget, so do not take the risk of spoiling your gadgets by cleaning them.

Also, when the gadget goes off, people often start to clean gadget by the paper napkin by wetting it, but this is also not good for you mobile instead of cleaning they make scratches and residue on your gadgets. So obviously you should not use paper napkins too.

Now come to some more dangers liquid, which you do not have to use to not clean your phone, laptop and tablet in any case. So never apply alcohol, vinegar or makeup remover directly to your device, all three are very harsh and can damage your device. Also you do not have to apply soapy hand wash liquid directly on the Gadgets, that excessive leather can damage your device. So these were the things you should avoid.

Clean your gadgets with these materials.

First of all, you can use a damp cloth, ie a lightweight cloth. Take care that the fabric is not too thick or rubbed, means avoid towels as this can cause scratches on your device. You have to use any thin soft cloth, such as you can use a microfiber cloth, which is completely safe to screen gadgets. And also keep in mind that the cloth is not too wet. Because water from it can spoil your device by going to keyboard opening gaps.

If you want to use proper sanitizer to disinfect your device, but hand sanitizer looks risky, then special sanitizer for the device comes in the market, you can use them,  And they are not very expensive and are affordable and completely safe for electronic items. But do not put them directly on the device while using it, first put it on the cloth, spread it a little, then clean it on your tablet, phone or computer. Pay special attention to the specials of your gadgets, such as the gap between the keyboard keys or the gap at the corner of the screen, so that water or sanitizer does not go inside your device, so clean those gaps around, by being very careful while doing it.

These are some do's and don'ts you should take care while cleaning your gadgets. Keep your device clean and stay safe.

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