Tips and Tricks For JIO users.

Jio Users MUST use this CODE and Apps

Jio Users MUST use this CODE and Apps

This tricks are basically beneficial to every age groups those are using JIO sim, because these days We get so irritated by the call, whether it is an office call, whether it is from a marketing company or someone's unknown call. Looking at all these things, we felt that such tips would prove very helpful for all of you.

This blog is especially for JIO users. Many people use a variety of applications to do some of the things in their phones and make their work even more difficult, such as getting annoyed by searching for the option to call deactivate in the mobile settings to deactivate the call, or even they get annoyed with marketing call or SMS. If someone wants to block the call of an unknown number they use to download various types of applications in their mobile.

In this, we will tell you about some such tips which will enable you to work out such problems related to your phone in an easy way.

How to Divert your call in JIO? 

  1. Go to calling App
  2. Dial *401*9876543210 (instead of 9876543210 you have write the no. in which your call should get forwarded) 
  3. After calling to this no. your call will be diverted to the no. to which you have diverted. (example- 9876543210)
  4. And to deactivate your diverted no. you have to call on *402
  5. Your diverted call will be deactivated.

How to deactivate Marketing call or to activate DND in Jio?

  1. Download My Jio APP.
  2. Register and setup.
  3. Go to top left three line and tap.
  4. Go to setting.
  5. Go to service setting.
  6. Go to Do Not Disturb section.
  7. if you don't want to receive any promotional call and SMS then use full DND option and activate it.
  8. otherwise you can choose a particular marketing channel to receive or not to receive by clicking on them.

How to block Unknown number in JIO?

  1. Download JIO Security App.
  2. Go to the bottom and click on the device section.
  3. Go to call Blocking.
  4. Go to setting.
  5. Go to Manage other incoming section 
  6. You will be provided different options (like- No. not in your contacts, Frequently declined no., Unknown no.)
  7. Here you have choose according to your convenience, whether you have to block the unknown no. or want to prompt you, its all depends on you.

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