Google Meet is now available to all for free.

Increasing interest in video conferencing tools, Google made Google Meet free for everyone.

Google Meet is now available to all for free.

As we have seen from a few days ago that the trend of video conferencing has increased to a great extent, due to COVID-19, this sequence will continue to be there for a few months. The importance of video conferencing is beginning to appear in people and the majority of companies due to work from home. And companies are using the Zoom Meeting a lot for conferencing. But the Zoom Meeting app has been reduced because of its security reasons. Also, the Government has asked people not to use this app any more.

Because of all this, Google came with an app named Google Meet with there advance features. In March, Google released the advanced features of Google meet for G Suite users. and since then has seen daily usage grow by 30X, adding about 3 million new users a day last month. Watching all this, Google has announced the free availability of Google Meet, Which can also run directly through Gmail. This video conferencing tool will be available and also its app is available on IOS and android.

Given the current situation, Google has done a great job by updating its Google Meet Conferencing app because big and small companies, even the government, will benefit greatly from this application in the COVID-19 Pandemic situation.

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