How to Live stream Your PUBG Gameplay on Facebook?

Facebook Gaming App Launched, Livestream Your Facebook PUBG Gameplay Like This

Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect

If you do gaming, follow gamer and want to stream live games on Facebook to whatever you play, then there is great news for you and that is that Facebook launched a new separate gaming app. In which you can do gaming wholeheartedly, follow your favourite games, and you can also live stream whatever you are playing with your friends on Facebook.

So today in this blog you will learn about Facebook's gaming app, how you can download it, what are its settings, and how you can live stream your game.

So there are already some apps that give you the option of live stream to live your gameplay, but here Facebook has brought a Comprehensive Gaming application through which you will be able to message your friends. You will be able to follow your favourite games streamer and share whatever you are playing with your friends on Facebook. Like you used to see other streamers playing games on YouTube and other apps till now, You will see people playing the game.

How to download this app

  1. You have to go to Google Play Store. There is a 50MB app which will not take up too much space of your mobile.
  2. Search by writing Facebook Gaming in search bar.
  3. Download this Facebook Gaming App.
  4. Once installed, sign in with your Facebook account.
  5. And if you do not have an FB account, you should create a new account and sign it.

When you sign in, you will get 5 options on the top side.

Go live
Follow games

  • In the Go live option, you will make your gameplay live on Facebook.
  • In the clips option, you will find clips of the old gameplay of the other Gamers. You can see them, maybe a trick can come to your attention to make a clip of your gameplay.
  • In the following option, you can check the games you follow. You will get all their updates in this option.
  • You can follow gaming titles through the follow option.
  • And with the group option, you can join the gaming group.

The bottom side will also get four options.

  1. First: Home button
  2. Second: Games on which you will be able to play light games with your friends.
  3. Third: Click on the ice cream logo, then you can see all the live streams running right now. Scrolling downwards, you can follow Gamer and Streamers. Then whatever these people will stream, it will be seen in your feed.
  4. The fourth option is that of messages, through which you will be able to communicate with your friend.

How you will be able to make your gameplay live on your Facebook.

  • To live stream the game on Facebook, you need to click on the Facebook Go Live option or the camera icon option on the app.
  • After this you will get the option to select those game which you have on your mobile, from which you will be able to select any game from here. 
  • When you select the game, you will see the logo of FB Live upwards. And then this app will ask some permissions such as video and audio access, make access that permission. 
  • After this, you will click on Go Live and can play the game, and that game will also be live-streamed on your Facebook.

By the way, whenever you are streaming a game live on Facebook, keep in mind that you have a high speed and stable internet connection so that the gameplay is live-streamed correctly without interruption.

Facebook Gaming App has just arrived, and this is a new app, so there may be some glitches in it initially. Facebook says that, finding such glitches will improve it in the meantime.

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