Karakin Map in PUBG mobile

PUBG Mobile may introduced KARAKIN Map (Erangel-2.0)

PubG mobile new update Karakin map

PUBG always try to make their friends happy and maybe this time by giving KARAKIN map in PUBG mobile trying to make happier, as we have seen by rolling recent update 0.18.0 and the season's arrival, it has given a double gift to them, although the people who were excited in the updated version of Miramar 2.0, their experience after playing was not so special, but still, people are loving this update.

What is New in PUBG Mobile New Update 0.18.0?

But soon after this update, PUBG has invited some gamers by sending them an email saying "Join us at the gamers cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee while breaking new ground, "Along with this, 4 postcards are also attached, in which there was shaped like a map on the right side of the postcard, but there is no serial number given in that postcard so that if you add them and form an actual map, After the email, gamers started tweeting on @PUBGMOBILE and asked what is this, is this new map of PUBG mobile ?, people are giving the name of Karakin map to it, maybe this map PUBG PC came out in January. many people are giving the name of Erangal 2.0 with it.

But what is true is not known to anyone in a complete way yet,@PUBGMOBILE also tweeted posting 4 postcard pics and tweeting " where could these mysterious postcards come from." and @PUBGMOBILE_IN has also asked the people in one of their tweets that "Guess what's coming?" And also put four parts of the map of the postcard image, Along with the serial number written on that image, which is very difficult to create an actual map by adding those images.

The7WorldsGaming @The7WG has replied an image of map adding all that postcard, but after adding it, it doesn't, look map of Karakin, but this map looks a bit like a map of Erangal. 

But most of people are saying that this can be Karakin map because Karakin map has come for PC gamers but it has not yet been seen in PUBG mobile. This is because the map update of PUBG mobile always introduced after the update of PUBG PC, and because PUBG follow these rule, maximum people think that it may be Karakin map.

What is new in Karakin Map in PUBG?

This map is found similar to MIRAMAR, which contains the area of ​​the desert, but the size of this map is similar to SANHOK which is approximately equal to 2x2 Km. Watching this map playing on PC by gamers gives the experience that it is more thrilled than all other maps, which is too rush and also the faster speed of play, It ends quickly. This map supports 64 people, and has a black zone which is completely different from the red zone of the other maps, the Black Zone demolishes any buildings in the area, along with that some houses in the map are the raw walls, which can be broken by bombs or by shooting on that wall.

PUBG always tries to do something new with his friends, this time also PUBG has played a new game with his friends by sending postcards and invites them to join the gamers cafe and drink coffee and to cross the new Battle Ground. Now we have to see what PUBG wants to do in actuals, we just have to wait and watch.

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