What is New in PUBG Mobile New Update 0.18.0?

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.18.0 All Features: Season 13, Mad Miramar 2.0

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.18.0 All Features: Season 13, Mad Miramar 2.0

If you do gaming and play PUBG Mobile, then there is interesting and very good news for you, and that is, you have got the new map and the new update that you all were waiting for. Yes, I am talking to you about the new update of PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 and the new map Miramar 2.0.

In today's blog, you will be able to know all about the new update of this PUBG and What you all are going to get special in this new update and the new map and which new Weapons you will be able to use in this game and what are its features.

In the days of extreme lockdown, PUBG has given double gifts to his friends. Just a few days ago you saw, How the COLD FRONT SURVIVAL came in a new mode. And now you've got a major upgrade, After which your content experience will get better. So in this new update, you will first get the new Miramar 2.0 map, just below the Erangel, you will see the classic mode of Miramar 2.0

What's New in Miramar 2.0?

  1. Although it is the same as the old map, but here you will get a new vehicle, Golden Mirado will be located in Hacienda. And it's going to be the best vehicle on this map.
  2. Another new picture that you will find in Miramar 2.0 is Sand Storm, whenever you play, Sand Storm will come in the middle of the game and you will be able to see it on your map, means the location of the incoming sand storm, where you are running will be shown on the map. And if you enter in Sand Storm, then your visibility is reduced.
  3. Miramar 2.0 you will also get a new vending machine which will dispense energy drinks and pain killers as well.
  4. Apart from this, you will also find a Cheer Park in which you can go with it and enjoy it in your game. So overall this map which is going to be a big interest.

Now let's talk about the most interesting feature, about Guns and Weapons.

  • Now You will be able to customize your guns to your liking. 
  • Also, another interesting feature which PUBG has brought for you here is the side scope. Due to this scope, you will also be able to add secondary scope to your gun. You will be able to toggle between one scope easily and easily switch from long-range scope to short-range scope. Feature of side scope will give you the most benefit when you have more close to high pitches.
  • Along with this, a new version of Miramar,  win94 rifle will also be seen. This time you will be given a pre-attached scope in this gun. Exactly the same way as in VSS. And you cannot detach it.
  • In this new update, you will get another new gun in Arena mode named P90, will take 9 mm bullets, and it will shot 50 Bulletin Single automated Fire. It will be found only in Arena mode, you will not get it in Classic mode.
  • Now about Sanhok, here too you will get to see a new mode, which is called Jungle Adventure.
  • Also in the playlab, you will get a new map which will be Blue hole mode, in which you will see two circles and 2 Zone.

These are all new Updated feature and map has been added by PUBG mobile new update 0.18.0, Hope you like all these features. For all the latest interesting tech information,  stay connected with us.

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