Why your Call and SMS access before you check?

Protect your data by just one simple setting.

Protect your data by just one simple setting.

Do you know that an SMS comes to you but someone else can read it before you, not only that there is a CALL on your phone, that also been accessed by someone else before you check, and we only check later Whose call was it, whose job is it?

This is the task done by all the applications installed on your phone. See whenever we install any application on the phone, that Particular application asks for some permission from us and we unknowingly give permission from it and this permission do so that they can access our data before us. And in such a situation, if the data of that application gets leaked in the future, then the risk of leaking our data is more possibly.

So if you want your data to be safe and no one else can read it, especially the SMS that is coming on the phone and the call details that you have. For this, today we will tell some such settings that your data will be safe. Change the settings, your data will be more secure.

What are the settings that can be used to protect your data?

  1. First, you go to your Phone settings.
  2. Go to About phone from here.
  3. And enable the Developer options of the phone, if you do not know about the developer options, then just clicking on the version in about phone five times, the developer option of the phone opens.
  4. Now you need to go again on the setting and search the developer option on it.
  5. Go to the developer option and scroll down to the bottom.
  6. You will get the option of Restrict SMS and Call Log Access below by scrolling, Just enable it.

This is the setting that will protect your data. What has happened to this is that only the default apps of your phone will be able to access your data only. Brother any third-party app will not be able to access your phone's SMS and call log. This will make your calls and SMSs secure.

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