Erangal 2.0 released for PUBG mobile Chinese version

PUBG Mobile Chinese Version has received Erangel 2.0 update

PUBG mobile erangel 2.0

PUBG has been taking good care of its users since the beginning, and for a few days, we were also hearing that the new version of Erangel will release with name Erangel 2.0, and this has arrived.

By the way, in China, PUBG is known with the name of Game of Peace, and we came to know about this new version from a video of Mr.GHOST Gaming which was premiered on June 16 on YouTube. On. And upon seeing their video, it was clear that the Erangel map of Game of Peace has been updated, and it has been clearly stated in the video that this update will be seen in Erangal 2.0, which will be released on June 17, 2020, And together they have given the download link in the caption of that video.

What will be new in Erangel 2.0 map?

If seen, it makes sense from viewing the video that no changes have been made to the area or structure of the map of Erangel 2.0, this update actually makes the clarity of the graphics of the map effective as well as some areas and The mode has been updated, the building and water reflections have been changed.

On the link provided by Mr.GHOST Gaming, we get to know all the details of this new update like

Brand new screen performance-
sky, surface, seawater, vegetation, and other comprehensive updates, screen more real and delicate;

New map elements-
new trenches, refusal of horses, abandoned tanks, engineering bunkers, while enhancing the atmosphere of island wars, it also allows the wild Tactical choices have become more abundant;

New ultra-high-quality options

Payload Mode 2.0-
The vehicle is fully armed and various types of armed vehicles and helicopters have been added to experience stimulating firepower. New armed vehicles: armed UAZ jeep, armed Dacia car, armed Buggy off-road vehicle, armed pickup etc.

To know all the details very well, you can visit Mr.GHOST Gaming's site.

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