NOKIA 5310 EXPRESS MUSIC has relaunched recently, What are its new features?

Nokia has relaunched its most popular phone NOKIA 5310 EXPRESS MUSIC

nokia 5310 express music

Nokia's one of the Most Popular Phone Nokia 5310 Express Music is coming back after your year and that too with a new appearance.

Nokia's Symbian phones were the most popular phones of their time and we still have a connection with them and they have Nostalgia, as most of the first phones of people were Symbian phones, one of Nokia's most successful phones is Express Music, which was launched in 2007, at the same time, Sony's Walkman phones became very popular due to music and to compete with them, Nokia launched 5310 Express Music.

But now Nokia phones maker HMD Global brings Nokia's 5310 Express Music in a new appearance, its design has been slightly changed by HMD Global, and you will get dedicated music keys and dual speakers.

Nowadays it is the era of smartphones, but 5310 has been launched such as a feature phone and in it you get a 2.4-inch Q VGA display as well as physical keypad, it has a CQ60 chipset of media track and also you get 8MB Ram in it, From 8mb you just imagine, how did we use the phone 12 years ago. Well with 8 MB RAM here you have been given 16 MB memory, but the good thing here is that you can expand it up to 32GB through memory card. Talking about the camera, there is a disappointment here that it has VGA camera given with an LED. The phone comes with single and double SIM functionality, and with this you also get 1200 mAh battery here. You also get an MP3 player and wireless FM radio and this phone is priced at Rs 3399.and it will be available online from June 23 on Amazon and Nokia India's online stores.

Overall, it is just a basic feature phone and it has been brought for people who have used this phone before or for those who want a nostalgia feeling.

By the way, this is not the first phone from Nokia which has been revamped and brought back, if you remember, HMD Global has re-launched another Nokia phone, Nokia had an iconic phone 3310 which was also released by HMD Global a few years back. Had launched itself, but the company's nostalgia card could not be more successful at that time too. When HMD Global relaunched the 3310, it got a lot of attention at the time, people had read a lot about it, but when it came to sell, people did not buy it much.

And maybe the same can be true with the Nokia 5310 Express Music again, people will read a lot about it, but this phone may not be much because it is just a basic feature phone, and nowadays it is a smartphone era and people want a smartphone and if they don't have then they feel like buying a new smartphone.

If you too want to relive some old memories then you can go for this phone aside it has got nothing special. Maybe NOKIA should revamp the Nokia 6600, which was the most popular phone of all.

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