Phone number of WhatsApp users are visible on Google

If you are a WhatsApp user then definitely read about this new security bug.

WhatsApp security bug

We know that our mobile number is very important, Probably more valuable and more important than what you and we think. Many times it happens that we share our number without any consent, but the mobile number in the market, the data associated with it, all of this has a lot of value, because it(data) is sold. You have often seen that you have calls from different companies such as "Sir buy this flat", "do you need a credit card", "do you have a property requirement", this is all part of it.

If your phone number is in the hands of the sales team, then you start getting scams calls, and if it gets in the hands of the scammers, then even your account can be emptied. That's why our mobile number is so important.

A few days ago, we came to know about a work that could endanger the number of millions of WhatsApp users, so why it is so dangerous, how can WhatsApp users' mobile numbers be endangered, Today we will know this.

A security researcher has found a flaw in WhatsApp, through which the numbers of WhatsApp users are being easily found on Google, can be easily searched and messages can also be sent. This research says that there is a security tiger and because of this, WhatsApp is at the privacy risk of the users and this work is not only affecting Indian users but also users of the USA and other countries.

What is this security bug?

Click to chat is a feature on WhatsApp, and this is so much of the mess that is coming due to these features. Click to chat feature gives WhatsApp users the option to create a URL or link and after clicking on that link another user can chat with them, That is, even if the number is not saved in your phone, you can still connect to any other user through this URL and chat with them, then this feature makes things much easier, especially for those people WhatsApp is used for its business purpose, but the phone number of the users who use this feature can easily get through Google search. These numbers can also be misused, and you can start getting spam calls, and your number can be placed in anyone's hands, can go to anyone, in fact, He can reach to your social media profile.

On this, WhatsApp says that the users whose numbers are available on Google search are from their own consent and the number are shown of their own wish, but that is no true, WhatsApp users do not know that after using click to chat, their number is coming in the Google search index. But now Google has started indexing https'// , which means WhatsApp has stopped Google from crawling this URL.

How can you protect yourself from this endanger?

1. To do this, first of all, do not share any click to chat on public domain or social media platform unnecessarily. Because of this, your number is in the hands of spammers and you may suffer a lot.
2. You can click any clickable link or click to chat link only when you need it most, otherwise don't click on that link.

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